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See Windmill Lane this Weekend ( 3rd-5th May 2008) at the RHTS Cavalcade - DCC in Operation

Loco's Running

20129 Sound
37057 Sound
47404 Sound
66 Sound
Class 108 DMU

along with 3 Coach Mk 1 Set, 3 Coach Mk2 Set, Rake of Mineral Wagons

Synopsis of Windmill Lane

The layout was originally designed as a demonstrator for the myths of DCC. This idea was soon developed into a full blown layout with exhibition potential.

Operating eras for this layout are anywhere between 1970's corporate blue through sectorisation and further to current day. All stock being operated will solely be worked by DCC controllers with no provision for analogue or DC stock. Eventually the layout will consist of sound fitted locomotive and units.

The scenic section of this layout measures 8ft by 1ft with a 4ft long traverser. It is hoped that one day, this traverser will also come under DCC operation with roads selectable by controller, but at present, this will remain the only place where "Hand of God" intervention will occur.

A route indicator board attached to the back of the layout will also show the direction of points set and eventually will also show if a block is occupied