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For latest Locomotive News The End of the Line. For the best Preserved Diesel information Preserved Diesels , PLEG are indispensable. Also Leighton Logs is entertaining.

Where individual loco Classes are concerned, For 37's try The Class 37 Locomotive Group,
for 47's try The 47 List, for 56's Class 56 Group

For Railtours companies try these : Spitfire Railtours, Pathfinder Tours, UK Railtours.

For Historic Railtour info Six Bells Junction is great and the 1980's Timewarp has loads of 1980's loco hauled gen.

For details of forthcoming Special workings and Railtours try Railtour Info. (Diesels) and UK Steam Info (Steam).

For Portugal try PTG Tours Limited and Yahoo's CP-Gen. Magazines try Railway Herald and Railway Centre.

To join the Class 58 Locomotive Group visit C58LG also visit the original The Class 58 Website est. in 1998
for a mass of Class 58 information.

Gen sites : 67GEN,60GEN,UKGEN,MIDGEN

Other favourite Sites RailHoliday , Locotrack , The North Wales Coast Railway, Hellfire Bashing Game , Disused Stations. Railways IllustratedPreserved ShuntersABRAIL ,

Preserved Stock List

Timetables - Freight

Timetables - Passenger

My Haulage requirements - Mainline - Shunters  - Pics - FCC Units & EMT Units

No Longer working - PRESGEN The Junction Tug Tracker